Existing Managed Fund Investments

existingmanagedfund1_400Every year in Australia, billions of dollars of entry fees & trailing commissions on managed fund investments are paid to financial intermediaries (financial advisors) or simply withheld by investment funds to increase their own profits.

Typically trailing commissions on managed funds range between 0.4% to 1.0% per annum. Therefore, for a managed fund investment of $100,000, up to $1,000 per annum could be charged to the investment. This amount would normally go to the financial advisor that reommended the fund. If there were no advisor involved in the transaction, the fund manager will hold onto these fees themselves - they do not pay them back to the investor. 

In addition, entry fees (sometimes known as contribution fees) on managed fund investments can be as high a 5%. This means that 5% is skimmed off the top of your investment money before it is even invested.

These percentage based entry fees and trailing commissions continue for as long as the investment exists.


How Can iRefund Help?

By nominating iRefund as your broker for your managed funds, we will act on your behalf to collect the trailing commissions on your investment and refund them back to you on an annual basis.

The "Broker Nomination Form" also ensures that any entry fees currently applying to your existing managed fund investment are reduced to NIL. This ensures that 100% of your investment will be working for you.

Simply download and complete a "Broker Nomination Form" and fax it to 1300 305 938.  iRefund will take care of the rest including issuing you with a confirmation that your investment or policy has been added to your individual cash refund account.

By nominating iRefund as the broker on your existing managed funds

  • You are not changing the ownership or control of your investment
  • Your investment is not bought or sold
  • iRefund can not transact on your investment
  • There is no change in the way your investment operates
  • There are no additional fees or costs to your investment
  • You are not entering into any form of contract with iRefund
  • Nothing changes other than you have now authorised iRefund to collect the trailing commissions generated by your managed fund investment on your behalf
  • You will now receive an annual cheque for the balance of your iRefund account.

Nominate iRefund as your broker on your existing managed fund accounts TODAY and begin accumulating your first of many annual refunds.

iRefund will take care of the rest and arrange your refund cheque to be sent to you.

Broker Nomination Form

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