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Australian's generally underestimate the importance of their superannuation

Superannuation is not something that most Australian's give much thought to on a day to day basis however it is probably the most important asset that they own and should one day be their most valuable - even more valuable than the family home.

For most people, it's very important to take care of your super as it will ultimately determine your quality of life when you are no longer working.

When you retire your superannuation balance typically is "rolled over" to an "Allocated Pension". An allocated pension is super money that is now being accessed to provide an income stream. Allocated pension's are designed to provide an income during the retirement of the pension holder.

Did you know that hidden fees & trailing commissions apply to superannuation and pensions!

Typically trailing commissions on superannuation & pensions range between 0.40% to 1.2% per annum. This means, for a super or pension balance of $200,000, up to $2,400 per annum could be being paid away from the account to the financial advisor that "helped" establish the fund. These trailing commissions are largely unavoidable because if they are not paid to a financial advisor, the investment fund will keep them itself.

In addition, entry fees on super and pension funds can be as high a 5%. This means 5% is skimmed off the top of your super or pension money before it is even invested. As super accounts are constantly being added to by employer's 9% contributions, it is vital that there are no entry fees on this investment.

iRefund will claw back the trailing commissions on your super and pension accounts and refund them to you in the form of a cash cheque.

By nominating iRefund as your broker on your super or pension, we will act on your behalf to collect trailing commissions on your investment and refund them back to you on an annual basis.

iRefund will also reduce any entry fees applying to your super accounts to Nil

The Broker Nomination Form also ensures that any entry fees currently applying to your super or pension investment account are reduced to NIL. This ensures that 100% of your investment money will be working for you from day 1.

Simply download and complete a "Broker Nomination Form" and fax it to 1300 305 938. iRefund will then take care of the rest including issuing you with a confirmation that your investment or policy has been added to your individual cash refund account.


Nominating iRefund as the broker on your existing super or allocated pension account DOES NOT alter any of their details, in fact they will operate exactly as they do today - with you in total control and with 100% ownership. The only difference is that iRefund will now collect any trailing commissions and fees on your behalf, and refund them back to you annually.

Nomination of iRefund will also ensure you will never pay entry fees on any future contributions you make to your super or investment account. This will likely save you 4% - 5% on any new contributions you make to your fund.

Nominate iRefund as your broker on your existing super and pension accounts TODAY and begin accumulating the first of many annual refunds.

iRefund will take care of the rest as well as arrange for your refund cheque to be sent to you.

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