New Managed Fund Investments

new_managed_fund_investments_400When you invest directly using the iRefund "Investment Supermarket" you will pay ZERO entry fees and iRefund will enrol your new investment in our Cash Refund Service so you will receive an annual refund of the trailing commission on your investment.

iRefund offers an "Investment Supermarket" for the investor looking to invest in

  • Superannuation
  • Managed Fund Investments
  • Capital Protected / Structured Investments
  • Instalment Warrants
  • Allocated Pensions
  • Margin Loans 
  • Master Trusts / Wrap Accounts.
  • Agri-business / Tax Effective Managed Investment Schemes.

By investing directly through an investment manager or through a financial advisor you will pay up to 5.0% entry fee on your initial and any additional contributions. Also, your investment will typically pay trailing commissions (usually between 0.4% - 1.0%) to the fund manger or advisor for the life of your investment - this is clearly NOT A GOOD IDEA if would like to maximise YOUR returns on YOUR investment.

How do I invest though iRefund ?

  1. Decide on the type of fund(s) / investment(s) you would like to invest in (eg - Superannuation, Retirement Incomes, Managed Funds, Capital Protected Investments, etc).
  2. Go to the iRefund "Investment Supermarket" and use the functionality to identify the fund(s) / investment(s) you would like to invest in. Press "order" to arrange for a hard copy of the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) to be mailed to you. At this stage you will need to also supply your details and acknowledge that you have read our "Financial Services Guide' (FSG) prior to ordering the PDS.
  3. Read & understand the PDS and decide if the investment meets your investment goals and objectives. If you require assistance during this step it would be wise to seek the assistance of a qualified financial advisor. iRefund is happy to direct you to a bona-fide "fee for service" licenced financial advisor if you require assistance in this regard. Simply click on the "financial advice" link and submit your details and a "fee for service" financial advisor will be in contact with you to assist.
  4. Complete the investment application form in the back of the investment PDS. Attach a cheque or specify other payment method details (Please note : All cheques should be made out to the investment fund manager - NOT iRefund).
  5. Return completed application forms together with your cheque made out to the relevant fund manager to -

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    Melbourne Vic 3001

If you would like any assistance with the above please contact us on 1300 305 898 and one of iRefund's friendly staff will be pleased to assist you.

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