Trailing Commissions

Trailing Commissions on Personal Insurance Policies 

Trailing commissions are also charged on most personal insurance policies (such as life, income protection & trauma insurances). This means every time you pay your insurance premiums, a portion of that payment is being paid to whoever established your policy. Trailing commissions generated by personal insurance policies are usually in the order of 10% - 30% of your annual premium payments.


Trailing Commissions on Home Loans 

Trailing commissions are also charged on any home loan which has been established with the aid of a mortgage broker. In this case, it is a slightly different scenario in that the trailing commission is paid to the mortgage broker by the bank out of their own funds - not from the borrower's repayments.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when you do the maths, you could easily be paying $1,000's every year in ongoing trailing commission fees on the financial products you own. iRefund track down and reclaim these fees and commissions and refund them back to you.

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