Reverse Mortgages

Are you "asset rich" but "cashflow poor"? An equity release option may provide a solution to your cashflow problems.

reverse_mortgage_400Sometimes called an "equity release" plan, a reverse mortgage enables homeowners to tap into the value they have built up in their home or investment property and receive a cash lump sum, monthly income payments or both. The plan does not require any regular loan repayments as both the amount withdrawn and the interest payments are repaid when the borrower either sells the property, permanently moves out or passes away.

If you are aged 60 or over, and own your own home you are likely to be eligible to take advantage of an equity release plan to provide an additional source of income or a cash lump sum (or both) to use as you please. For many people it is a logical solution to supplement their pension or investment income in their retirement.

How much can I borrow with an equity release plan?

Both the value of your property and your age determine the maximum amount you are able to borrow with an equity release plan. Generally, the more valuable your property and the older you are the more you will be eligible to borrow. By clicking on the below link you can determine how much you are able to release based on these two factors.

How does iRefund help?

iRefund's affiliated partners assists our members by advising you as to the merits of different reverse mortgage products in the market and assisting you in the application process. iRefund also refund to applicants 0.5% of the reverse mortgage loan amount on its establishment. This is usually enough to cover the application fees associated with the loan.

Please complete the form below to arrange for an iRefund equity release specialist to contact you to discuss your requirements and explain how we may assist you.

Disclaimer : All reverse mortgage advice received from iRefunds reverse mortgage partners is not made in conjuction with CHPW Financial AFSL and partners are wholly responsible for the advice and services they provide. 

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