How we charge for our service

The iRefund commission collection and refund service is a no-cost service. That is, iRefund will always be paying you, our members, the fees and trailing commissions that we collect on your behalf.

iRefund refunds to you the trailing commissions generated by your financial products. That is why we cap the amount of trailing commissions we retain for our service.

We do not believe in retaining more for our service, simply because you may have a larger investment or more accounts generating a larger trailing commission. We believe that after we have retained a fair fee for our service, 100% the trailing commissions collected should be refunded back to the owners of the accounts or policies that generated them - that is YOU, our members. After all, it is YOUR MONEY.

When you join the iRefund service you are allocated a refund account. This refund account acts like a savings bank account and accumulates the trailing commissions generated by your financial products. At the end of each anniversary month of your membership, you will receive a refund from the balance of your refund account.

Your annual refund is represented by the following table:

Refund Account BalanceMembers Refund SplitiRefund Split
The first $790 pa 50 % 50 % ($395 maximum)
Amounts in excess of $790 100 % (unlimited amount) Nil %


The amount we retain for the iRefund service is capped at $395 per refund account (ie - 50% of the first $790 collected pa).

If you have existing accounts & policies and the trailing commission generated by them exceed the $790 pa amount, any new account or policy added to your refund account will automatically have 100% of any trailing commission generated by that account or policy refunded to you.

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