Existing Insurance Policies

existing_personal_insurance_400iRefund collects and refunds the fees and commissions charged to your existing personal insurance policies.   

If you hold personal insurance policies such as Life Insurance, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD), Income Protection or Trauma Insurance and you originally applied for it through an insurance broker, then your policies will be paying ongoing trailing commissions to that broker. 

If you originally applied for your insurance policies directly with an insurance company or over the internet then you policies may be paying trailing commissions to a provider.

Trailing commissions on insurance policies can be up to 30% of your annual premium.

Insurance trailing commissions can be up to 30% of the policy premium. This means if you are currently paying $1,000 per annum for your policy then up to $300 of this payment is going to the insurance agent who originally sold you the policy. It does not matter if it was six months or 20 years ago, the agent is still getting his cut.

iRefund will collect these ongoing commissions on your behalf and refund them back to YOU.

By nominating iRefund as your broker on your insurance, we will act on your behalf to collect the trailing commissions on your policy(s) and refund them back to you annually.

Simply download and complete a "Broker Nomination Form" and fax it to 1300 305 938. iRefund will take care of the rest. You can then log onto your individual refund account and watch your refund balance grow.

Nominating iRefund as your broker on your existing insurance policies DOES NOT alter any of their details, in fact they will operate exactly as they do today - with you in total control and with 100% ownership. The only difference is that iRefund will now collect any trailing commissions and fees on your behalf, and refund them back to you annually.

Nominate iRefund as your broker on your existing personal insurance policy(s) TODAY and begin accumulating your first of many annual refunds.

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