New Insurance Policies

new_insurance_400iRefund collects the initial commissions paid on the establishment of your new personal insurance policy and refunds 50% back to you.

Insurance policies are very similar to other financial products in that they pay generous commissions to brokers and advisors. There are usually two types of insurance commissions paid to brokers with any insurance policy -

  1. Initial commissions &
  2. Trailing commissions

The initial commissions are paid to brokers on the establishment of a new insurance policy and are typically in the order of 100% - 125% of the first year's premium.

iRefund will refund 50% of the initial commission to you when the policy is arranged through iRefund. In addition, your new policy is automatically enrolled in iRefund's Commission Refund Service so the trailing commissions generated by your new insurance policy are collected in your refund account.

iRefund assists members acquire cost effective and appropriate personal risk insurance by providing market quotes and assisting with the insurance application process.

iRefund will assist you by providing general information and quotes for your selected insurance policies. As iRefund is a "No-Advice" business we will not give you advice as to the merits of one insurance policy over another. Should you require this service, iRefund is happy to refer you to a bona-fide "fee for service" financial advisor who will assist in this regard.

Once you have chosen your preferred insurance policy, iRefund will assist you in the application and lodgement process and once the policy is accepted, will then collect your commission refunds on the policy.

If you would like iRefund to research a quote on an insurance policy(s) please click on the insurance quote request, complete the questionnaire and an iRefund representative will contact you to discuss.

Insurance Quote Request

Unsure of how much insurance cover you may need to properly cover yourself and your family ?

Please make use of the iRefund Insurance Needs Calculator. While there are no hard and fast rules as to how much insurance is required there are some basic principles that should be considered such as -

  • How much debt do you owe,
  • How many dependants do you have,
  • What sort of lifestyle do you and your family lead,
  • Your current assets available

The iRefund Insurance Needs Calculator takes these factors into account (as well as few others), and provides a guide as to how much insurance you should reasonably consider.

Insurance Needs Calculator

If you have any questions please contact the iRefund customer service centre on 1300 305 898 and one of our friendly staff will be pleased to assist.

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