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Help your friends receive extra $$$ and earn referral reward $$$ yourself.

iRefund encourages existing members to introduce their friends, family and colleagues to the benefits of our service. Virtually anyone can take advantage and receive an annual cash refund amount. Remember - you only need to have a simple superannuation account to be able to receive an annual refund cheque.

iRefund's Referral Reward's

Receive an extra $50 per annum per introduction

Existing members who introduce others to the iRefund cash refund service will be rewarded by receiving an additional $50 per referral per annum for as long as the introduced member remains a member of iRefund *.

10 family or friends =$500 per annum

It is easy to take advantage of the iRefund introduction program. Simply log into your member account and click on the "Refer a Friend" button. This will open your email browser and display a short message for you to address to your friend.

Alternatively, you could simply download the "Broker Nomination Form" below, have your friend complete it with the details of their investment, superannuation or insurance policy(s) and fax to 1300 305 938 or post to -

Reply Paid 3183
Melbourne Vic 3001

Please make sure you indicate your member number &/or email address at the bottom of the broker nomination form to ensure you receive the credit for your introduction.

There is no limit to the number of people a member can introduce, and therefore there is no limit as to the amount of Referral Rewards a member can receive.

Refer 10 people = $500 pa of Referral Rewards every year!!

Your friends will thank you for introducing them to the iRefund service and showing them how to receive their own annual cash payment.

iRefund Broker Nomination Form

Yet another easy way, existing customers can introduce their friends, family members or colleagues is by completing the "online referral form" below and clicking "submit". iRefund will then contact your introduced friend to explain the benefits of our service.

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Your friends name:*
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* The $50 referral reward payment is subject to the referred members refund amount totalling not less than $250

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