Real Estate Commissions

Real Estate Agent Commission Refunds

real_estate_commissions_400Would you like to be refunded up to 20% of your real estate agents fees and sales commission when you sell your home or investment property.

Real estate agents fees and commissions can be as high as 3% of the sale price of your property. For example for an average sale price of $450,000 the agents commission can be as high as $13,500.

How does iRefund  collect real estate agents commissions ?

Real estate agents are always looking for new properties to sell. Most real estate agents are so keen to find new properties to sell that they will pay a "Referral Fee" when a new client is introduced to them. The referral fee is typically 20% of the real estate agents sales commission. That is approximately $2,500 on the sale of the average property.

Allowing iRefund to "introduce" you to your chosen real estate agent, iRefund will collect the "Referral Fee" from the real estate agent and credit it to your refund account.

How do I claim my real estate commission refund?

Step 1. When you are considering selling your property, simply contact iRefund with the prospective real estate agents you are considering (please note : it is important that you do not contact your preferred real estate prior to your contact with iRefund). If you do not have any preferred real estate agents in mind iRefund are able to recommend one in your area.

Step 2. iRefund will arrange for your preferred real estate agents to visit you and outline their service.

Step 3. You choose the real estate agent you would like to assist you sell your property.

Step 4. When your property is sold, iRefund will collect the "Referral fee" from your real estate agent and credit it to your refund account to be refunded back to you.

Disclaimer : All real estate services are administered by our real estate referral partners. These services are not made in conjunction with the Lighthouse Wealth Management AFSL licence and the providers are wholly responsible for the real estate service they provide.

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