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Property Management Fee Refunds

property_management_400Receive a refund for the fees paid to your property manager.

If you own an investment property and employ a property management or real estate firm to administer the collection of rent & general maintenance of your property, you will know that this service typically involves a fee of 7% - 8% of your rental income. iRefund can arrange for a refund of up to 20% of this fee as a cash payment to you.

How does iRefund collect property management fees ?

Property managers and real estate agencies are always on the lookout for new properties to manage. Many property managers are so keen to find new properties to manage that they will happily pay a percentage of their fees when a new client is introduced to them. This "referral fee" can be up to 20% of the ongoing management fees. On an average property, being rented at $400 per week, this saving could amount to over $300 per annum - back into your pocket !

Allowing iRefund to "introduce" you to your property manager, iRefund will collect the "referral fee" from the property manager and credit it directly to your refund account.

How do I arrange a property management fee refund?

If you already own an investment property or are considering purchasing one, simply complete the below details of your situation and press submit. An iRefund representative will then contact you to discuss your situation and arrange for an introduction to a property manager in your area.

Disclaimer : All property management services are administered by our property management referral partners. These services are not made in conjunction with the Lighthouse Wealth Management AFSL licence and the providers are wholly responsible for the real estate service they provide.

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