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Make sure your advice is in your best interests - not your advisor's !

There are many financial advice firms in the market place. Most financial advisors operate on a commission basis. This means that they receive commissions on the investments that they recommend to you. These commissions usually last for the life of the investment and directly impact its performance.  This commission based method of charging has inherent conflicts of interest as you will never know if the investment being recommended is in your interest or your advisor's. 

Beware of the "Fee for Service" claim 

Some financial advisors claim to be "Fee for Service". The vast majority of financial advisors claiming to be "fee for service" charge a fixed initial "advice fee" and don't charge percentage based entry fees on the investments they recommend. However most of these financial advisors still collect and pocket the ongoing trailing commissions on any investments they recommended. Therefore they are still commission based advisors and the conflict of interest issue still remains.

Bona-fide "Fee for Service" financial advisors charge a fixed advice fee. They do not charge percentage based entry fees or ongoing trailing commissions on any recommended investments. This type of advisor is extremely rare.

iRefund will introduce you to a bona-fide "fee for service" licensed financial advisor.

iRefund is able to put you in touch with a true "fee for service" financial advisor who will charge you a fixed fee for the time taken to understand your situation and put together a personalised "Statement of Advice" for you.

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