Claim Your Annual Refund


Simply nominate iRefund as the broker on your accounts & policies to enable us to collect the ongoing commissions generated & begin accumulating your annual cash refund.


Nomination of iRefund as the broker on your accounts is simple and takes only 2 minutes.

Step 1: Click on the "Broker Nomination Form" button below.

Step 2: Print out and complete the "Broker Nomination Form" with your personal details and the details of your investments, superannuation or insurance policy.

Note : Please use a different "Broker Nomination Form" for each individual investment manager or insurance company.

Step 3: Fax the completed "Broker Nomination Form" to Fax No. 1300 305 938 or alternatively post to -

Reply Paid 3183
Melbourne Vic 3001

iRefund will take care of the rest including the collection of the trailing commissions generated by your account(s) and policy(s) on your behalf.

Complete Broker Nomination Form Online


Broker Nomination Form

If you are not already an iRefund member, we will establish you as an active member on our system and email you your unique username (your email address) and password to sign into your new member account. This will enable you to log into your account and track your accumulated refund account balance as well as modify any of your personal details (ie - address, phone numbers, etc).

Your investment / insurance company will also confirm that iRefund is now recorded as the broker on your account.


Nominating iRefund as the broker on your accounts and policies DOES NOT alter any of their details, in fact they will operate exactly as they do today - with you in total control and with 100% ownership. The only difference is that iRefund will now collect any trailing commissions and fees on your behalf, and refund them back to you annually.

Nomination of iRefund will also ensure you will never pay entry fees on any future contributions you make to your super or investment account. This will likely save you 4% - 5% on any new contributions you make to your fund.

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