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Are you looking for business finance or to refinance an existing business debt ? Why not receive a refund on your finance application with your bank.

business_banking_400The major banks are always looking to extend credit to healthy businesses and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to loan money. Banks are so keen to lend money, they are prepared to pay generous "referral fees" to introduction partners who refer them new business. iRefund has relationships with all the major banks which allows iRefund to introduce business and commercial banking customers to them.

In return for introducing new customers to them, the banks pay iRefund referral fees as a kind of "spotters" payment for any new introductions which results in a new customer.  Usually this referral fee is in order of 0.50% of the amount borrowed. For an approved business debt of $200,000, iRefund will typically receive a referral fee of $1,000 which is then eligible to be refunded to you.

Once the referral fee is received from the bank, iRefund deposit it to our members refund account.  The result is you get the benefit of iRefund introducing you to your new bank.

Will my new business finance cost more in interest rates and fees because the bank is paying iRefund for the business referral?

Not at all. You will receive exactly the same finance terms with your new bank as you would have if you approached the bank directly.

Do I need to conduct all my future business dealings with the bank through iRefund ?

No. Arranging your business finance facilities via an iRefund referral does not mean you will be banking with an iRefund banker. Your banking relationship will be with the bank and branch of your choice. After the initial introduction, you carry on your commercial banking relationship with your new bank independently of iRefund.

If you would like to benefit from the iRefund  business banking "referral fee" simply complete the below details. An iRefund consultant will then contact you to arrange for your business banking refund.

Disclaimer : All banking services are administered by our business banking referral partners. These services are not made in conjunction with CHPW Financial AFSL licence and the providers are wholly responsible for the finance & banking service they provide.

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