iRefund - Putting Your Money Back Into Your Pocket 

Receive cash every year by clawing back the fees and commissions on your Personal Insurances and Home Loans.

iRefund will claw back and refund to you, 100% of any entry fees and up to 100% of the ongoing trailing commissions generated by your:

  • Personal Insurance Policies (life, income protection, trauma)
  • Home Loans & Reverse Mortgages
  • Commercial Finance
  • Real Estate & Property Management Commissions
  • Car / Home & Contents / Travel Insurances

iRefund reclaim these commissions on your behalf and return them to you in the form of an annual cash refund.

You will be amazed by the amount of money the average person can receive simply by taking two minutes to nominate iRefund as the broker on your personal insurance policies.

Find out how much you can receive as an annual cash refund by using our refund calculator.

Refund Calculator

Specifically, iRefund will refund to you 100% of the trailing commissions collected on your accounts and policies in excess of $790 per annum. Commissions collected up to $790, iRefund will split 50/50 with the account or policy holder.

Diagrammatically -

Value of trailing commissions collected per annumYour Cash Refund
First $790 50%
Balance above $790 100%


How do I claim my Annual Cash Refund ? 

Most people are able to receive $100's or even $1,000's per annum simply by nominating iRefund as the broker on their accounts and policies. It is as simple as that. Nominating iRefund as the broker on your existing accounts & policies is easy & will take only 2 minutes.

Nominate iRefund & claim your annual refund


Nominating iRefund as the broker on your accounts and policies DOES NOT alter any of their details, in fact they will operate exactly as they do today - with you in total control and with 100% ownership. The only difference is that iRefund will now collect any trailing commissions and fees on your behalf, and refund them back to you annually.

Nominate iRefund as the broker on your accounts

iRefund & New Insurance Policies

iRefund also offers an insurance policy commission refund service. All insurance policies taken out through iRefund will be eligible for a 50% refund of any initial commission on the policy. Initial commissions on insurance policies can be up to 125% of the policy premium. This means that more than half of your initial premium can be refunded. Naturally, the insurance policy will also be automatically enrolled in the iRefund "Cash Refund Service" to ensure the trailing commissions on your policy are added to your refund account and can be refunded to you.

Click here to learn more about the iRefund personal insurance offer.

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